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Current Work

Right now I am working at Connect Group as a .Net Developer, on projects for clients that include Liverpool Airport , Birmingham Airport, Jaguar Land Rover, Tarmac and Xercise4Less.

I spent the early part of this year looking after our baby daughter while my wife Melinda returned to work. It was easily the hardest job I’ve ever had, but also very rewarding.


I tried a 365 project this year and made good progress. About a third of the way through though I missed a day, then another. A few more missed days later I made peace with the project ending.

I’m posting more iPhone photos on Instagram  and photos with my mirrorless camera to another Instagram. I’m a bit behind on posting to it but I have a flickr account called shotonaniphone. Please stop by and leave a comment.

There’s also my photography blog where I sometimes post free to download and use wallpapers.


Having a baby girl has put a major dent in my riding, which is drag as I already felt like I was doing way less than I wanted to. It has opened us some other cycling experiences though. We now head out for rides with baby in tow thanks to the somewhat expensive, but worth it, Thule Chariot.

Last Updated

This was last reviewed and updated on 02/07/2017.

Doff of the hat to Derek Sivers for the idea of /now.