Gather — A Modular Organiser from Ugmonk

I’ve been an admirer of the work of Jeff Sheldon for awhile since I first became aware of Ugmonk clothing. Instantly wanting pretty much everything on the site I couldn’t decided what to get. So I didn’t get anything. Weird. I mean I really like the minimalist designs, cool typography, and oh boy the brown leather mouse mat, phew! I signed up for the newsletter though. Through that I found out about the current Kickstarter project for Gather. »

Not Quite a 365

The pressure is off at least. I struggled on quite a few days, since I started Shared Paternal Leave I’m not always out and about at places where I’m inspired to take photos. I’m also pretty focused, or distracted, by looking after little one. There have been clingy periods and mental leaps, teething and colds and I chose (and also didn’t have a choice) to focus on looking after Ellie. Sometimes it got to nine o’clock on an evening before I remembered I hadn’t taken a photo for the day. »

Growing Gills Book

I first found out about Jessica Abel through a link to an article she wrote that Shawn Blanc published in an email newsletter of his. I signed up to Jessica’s email list which, of late, has covered her journey to becoming self-published author. Quickly becoming a fan of Jessica’s writing style and finding myself struggling when it comes to personal projects, be they creative or self-improvement based, this seemed like a book I could benefit from reading. »

2017 365

What if I fail? It’s a very real possibility and that scares me. I do fear failure and though my head tells me I shouldn’t let that fear get in my way, my default reaction is to avoid situations that can lead to it. Especially public failure. Given the duration and frequency involved in a 365 project there will be many opportunities for failure. The fact that I have chosen (for now) to follow a outline (from a book) both works for and against me. »

Orbitkey 2.0

I am always looking out for new and better ways to carry and store things. Sometimes it’s about about carrying or packing smarter, better, more options and features. Other times it can be about lessening, simpifying — the beauty of minimalism, essentialism. I’ve backed two projects on Kickstarter for what are my favourite, perhaps essential everyday or special carry items. The first one was for Trove: The Ultimate Slim Wallet & Card Case, that launched in July 2014 and it was the first project I ever backed on Kickstarter. »

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