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Don’t call it a comeback

Hello friend.

Well we’ve found ourselves back here again. Well I have. No follow through, that’s what one of my middle school teachers once said about me. I don’t put as much stock in other peoples opinions these days. Don’t get me wrong they still affect me, I’m just careful (I hope) to not let them matter unless that person is really important to me.

I enjoy writing though, getting my thoughts and ideas, even my feelings out on screen, or often enough, on-paper. Through writing I can often express myself more clearly and in a more considered form than I might through speech.

Writing is more permanent too. That’s nice — though in these days of easy and ubiquitous publishing the risk of saying something foolish, stupid or controversial can be off-putting given the permanency of the written word.

I give myself permission to fail. To suck. Hopefully to then learn from it and improve. Sing like no-one is listening they say. Write like no-one is reading I say – and likely no-one is (except myself). My number one critic and also my most loyal reader. I hope you (me) enjoy my words even if no-one else does. So this is for you.

P.S. If you do happen to know that I’ve written things here before (hello Mum) and wonder where they went, well out with the old and in with the new as they say (them again huh). Time for a clean start and perhaps better to not have a reminder of the past abandonment(s) of this space.