I’m in the West Midlands in the UK, building a more sustainable and family-first lifestyle with my wife Melinda and our daughter Elowyn.

This is what I’m currently spending my time working on/towards:

  • Being a supportive and more present husband, father and son.
  • Building a second-brain to help architect my thoughts and work.
  • Building my photography portfolio and working towards selling prints of my work and stock video.
  • Refreshing and updating my software development skills.
  • Developing a portfolio of freelance website development work focusing on building unique and elegant solutions for smaller websites.
  • Helping support the business my wife created through her amazing skills and talents by taking some of the administrative burden from her to free her time up.
  • Working to improve my general fitness and health, both mentally and physically, through healthier habits, practising mindfulness, exercising more and generally being active most days.
  • De-cluttering and simplifying our home and lifestyle while finishing work on our house and garden to allow us to enjoy our time together at home with less stress and distractions.

This list acts as public accountability and a reminder to myself of the change in priorities I have chosen and what I am working towards.

Software Developer

I’m an experienced software developer having worked in a number of sectors in both private and public sector across marketing agencies, education, defence and international businesses.

I am currently working with a client in Birmingham which forms the majority of my bookable time but I’m always interested to hear about interesting projects as a freelance developer, photographer, videographer or writer. If you’ve got something you’d like to work with me on then please get in touch.


I’m a digital and film photographer currently working on a number of personal projects but available and keen to hear about opportunities to deliver or collaborate on other projects.

Pretty sure I’ve found my perfect combination of film and digital cameras for me (within my very stretched budget anyway) and I’m currently really happy with my Pentax 67, Mamiya 6 and Nikon F2 (my alternative to a Leica) for film, though I have other film cameras of course.

For digital I use Sony cameras for client work and personal projects, and typically use a Fuji X100F as our family/fun camera. I’m looking forward to more time and opportunities to get out and use them, to spend more time outdoors, and to grow my skills and experience.


I’ve been working with a good friend (also now a client) in Worcestershire on video production for their upcoming YouTube channel launch. I’m excited to share more here hopefully soon.

Last Update

This page was last updated on 11 May 2024 and is inspired by Derek Sivers.